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Acquire the skills you need to lead the legal business of tomorrow.

These subjects enable you to obtain a greater depth of practical skills, guided by industry experts, to ensure you remain competitive and relevant in the business of law.


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You'll work on practical tasks and real-life scenarios that you're likely to encounter in practice.


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Deepen your legal business knowledge or choose from 11 areas of specialisation.


Graduate Certificate

Option to receive Graduate Certificate by completing 2 subjects

Next intake starts 13 May 2024

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What subjects can I choose from?

Legal Operations

Grounded in data-based decisions, this is the blueprint for advancing your knowledge of legal operations.

Practically-focused, you’ll develop the skills needed to support lean legal operations and share these ideas with specialist and non-specialist audiences.

Grow your potential as a legal professional.

  • Explain how delivery models for the legal profession have evolved.
  • Recommend efficiency improvements to optimise legal operations.
  • Apply data analytic tools to inform decision-making in legal decision making process.
  • Prepare a business case to support an investment recommendation.
  • Develop key performance indicators to drive sustainable legal business operations.
  • Apply effective written communication skills to communicate improvements to legal business operations.

This is a core subject for the Graduate Certificate in Legal Operations

Next Course start dates: 
15 August 2022 or 13 February 2023

Attracting & Retaining Clients

The ‘how to’ of building client relationships

A hands-on approach to assessing your client base, developing a pipeline of prospects, pricing to existing and prospective clients and ongoing relationship building.

Grow your practice, profits and professional relationships

  • Develop individual business development techniques to grow a targeted customer base.
  • Develop a marketing and sales strategy for a legal practice.
  • Explain the economic and psychological factors influencing the pricing of legal services.
  • Critique different pricing strategies and tactics in the legal services marketing.
  • Apply effective written and oral communication

Next Course start dates: 
15 August 2022 or 15 May 2023


A transformative approach to leadership has arrived – and it’s here to stay

Drawing on cutting-edge leadership theory and organisational psychology principles, this course will give you the self-awareness and critical thinking you need to become a transformational leader in legal business.

During the subject, you’ll discuss the current challenges your workplace is facing with guidance from our Teaching Fellows. In the process, you’ll acquire the critical thinking and cognitive skills to solve similar challenges in the future.

After you complete this subject, you will be able to:

  • Critique the behaviours of effective business leaders
  • Build self-awareness of your leadership style by examining your values, behaviours and actions
  • Assess your strengths, resilience and values to develop as an adaptable and ethical leader
  • Formulate an actionable personal leadership development plan
  • Evaluate the alignment between your personal leadership philosophy and your organisational values, behaviours, principles and actions.

Next Course start dates: 
15 August 2022 or 13 February 2023

Business Strategy

During the course, you’ll start out by gaining practical insight into strategic planning methodology. Then you’ll delve deeper and learn how to flip the traditional mode of business planning on its head; opening the door to a host of new ways to rethink your offerings, partnerships and business goals. By the end of the course, you will have developed your own, cutting-edge strategic plan based on your learnings.

After you complete this subject, you will be able to:

  •  Explain foundational business strategy concepts
  • Analyse the current state of a legal business
  • Analyse disruptive strategy, growth strategy and competitive-collaborative strategy
  • Develop a strategic plan for a legal practice applying key business models
  • Develop a sustainable implementation plan to execute your strategy
  • Apply effective written and oral communication skills to communicate strategic advice

Offered as an intensive 6 week course and is a core subject for award qualifications.

Next Course start dates: 
14 November 2022, 15 May 2023 or 13 November 2023

Capstone Project

The Capstone Project is taken as your final subject, as a culmination of the knowledge and skills attained throughout your Master of Legal Business. It will allow you to demonstrate your skills in legal business using real-life scenarios and case studies.

Fundamental technologies shaping legal services

The role of technology in delivering legal services is a hot topic. Now is the time to harness that potential.

With a robust understanding of the computer science that underpins these technologies, you’ll be ready to face current and future trends in the legal field.

Discover the true driver, that’s shaping legal services, is technology.

  • Explain how emerging legal technology is impacting legal business
  • Demonstrate capacity to use and critique emerging legal technology.
  • Recommend appropriate technology solutions to improve legal business processes.
  • Advise on cyber security risk management and governance measures.
  • Apply effective written and oral communication skills to communicate a technology solution for a defined legal operations problem.

Next course date 15 May 2023


Significant changes in legal delivery are occurring around the globe. Traditional ways of doing business have given way to innovation at lightning speed.

In this subject you’ll learn how to identify and implement innovative solutions, to address legal services delivery challenges.

Designed to transform legal professionals into innovative individuals.

  • Assess the concepts and influences on innovative behaviour in the legal sector.
  • Evaluate legal operations for business improvement opportunities.
  • Apply problem solving frameworks to recommend creative value-add solutions for defined legal business problems.
  • Recommend performance metrics to promote an innovative culture.
  • Apply effective written and oral communication skills to communicate innovative solutions.

Next course date: 14 August 2023

Why and How Clients Buy Legal Services

The purchase of legal services is sophisticated and ultra competitive. Are you ready to put your best financial foot forward?

In this subject, you’ll uncover insights into the client buying process and experience, for the purpose of growing your targeted customer base and accelerating your business growth.

Use contemporary thinking in legal services pricing to your advantage.

  • Categorise the client base of a legal business.
  • Analyse a client’s buying decision process.
  • Evaluate how your clients assess their services experience.
  • Assess contemporary marketing approaches to optimise market reach.
  • Apply effective written and oral communication skills to communicate a practice development plan.

Next course date: 14 August 2023

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This Certificate comprises of 2 core subjects: Business Strategy and Legal Operations

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